Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dogged paddlers.

Hey Xocha, say it, don't spray it.

I know, I said the next article would finish up the parks thing (for now), but I'm still cogitating over that, and this is more of a pictorial anyway. All pictures from this past Saturday, at the Fort Washington Park Dog Beach (AKA the kayak beach, but try finding one there.)

Trying out something new--normally Max swims out after balls, but I tried a retriever dummy--he took to it like the proverbial duck to water. Easier to spot, easier to hold.

Easier for Jack to steal.
Jack is nothing if not ambitious.

New Rottie in the neighborhood--named Max (short for Maximus). Same name as my Max, but will grow a LOT bigger.

Max races Marley, the prize being Marley's ball.
Max triumphant.
Okay, Marley won all the other races that day, but for some reason I don't seem to have photographs of those. Favoritism? Perish the thought!

Brindle watches Mike.

Buck, a huge Lab Mix, loves the water, but apparently has never figured out that he can swim.
He still managed to get Max's toy, though.

There's always a bigger fish.



The mini-poodles didn't swim, but they still had fun, as mini-poodles almost invariably do.



Fergus swimming out to get a far flung ball.

Fergus now a barely-perceptible speck on the water, to the left of Jules, and much further out.

Welcome back, Fergus. How'd you like New Jersey?

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