Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lost Dog Notice near the run today.

We had a great clean-up day, and I'll be posting a report, and many photos over the next few days. As we were leaving, I noticed this flyer taped up on the lamppost at 165th Street.

No name is provided, but this is a female Yorkshire Terrier with a tan face and a grey body. The numbers to call if you find her, see her, or hear of any sightings, are (646)775-0113, or (646)584-4447.

She was lost May 13th, so it's already been around four days. Quite possible somebody took her in, so keep an ear cocked for any stories of somebody finding a yorkie.

Yeah, I know. If they haven't already found her, it doesn't sound good. But miracles do happen. And I keep posting about lost dog notices in the neighborhood, whenever I see them, and hoping there'll be another one. If I hear anything further, I'll follow up here.

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