Monday, April 14, 2008

Clean-up Day. May 17th. Mark the date. Bring your friends (human or canine).

May 17th, 10am to 2pm, no need to RSVP. You don't have to bring the dog(s). Some runs don't even encourage that, but the Rocky Run has always felt that it's nice to keep the bosses on hand, to remind us who we're slaving for. And with our double-gates newly installed, we don't have to watch them quite as closely as in Clean-ups past.

You can arrive after 10am, and leave before 2pm--don't feel like you can't come if you can't work the whole four hours--but by all means work the whole four hours if you can--with breaks. The dogs have agreed to grant us the occasional five minute break.

Man, that was one tough labor negotiation. Augusta was just merciless. We managed to talk her out of the ball and chain idea, anyway.

And resting from your labors, you might see a Red-Tailed Hawk floating overhead.

You might see Rosie the Norfolk Terrier burying one of Max's balls for a rainy day. A fine display of thrift and foresight, Rosie.

You might see The Three Faces of Mooshu.

You might get to hold a cute puggle over your head.

It might even be your cute puggle.

I saw all of this and more yesterday evening, when I photographed the Clean-up Day notice for this article.

We're lucky to have this place, and such a marvelous medley of mutts to bring it to life. A few hours of moderately hard work per year seems an awfully cheap price to pay for it. Maybe Augusta isn't such a harsh taskmistress after all.

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