Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rocky Run Regulars: Shall We Dance?

Candace is one of Max's first friends at the run--a more mischievous Golden Retriever you will never meet. She, unlike Max, loves the rough and tumble.

Sophie is one of the Rocky Run's favorite daughters--her people originally thought she was a Newfoundland Mix (got her from North Shore Animal League), but as she grew up, she took on the characteristics of a Belgian Shepherd (the Groenendael type), mixed with something else. She, unlike Max, loves the rough and tumble.

Candace and Sophie hadn't met at the run before, at least as far as Eric (one of Sophie's people) knew. It was, you might say, a wrasslin' match made in heaven.

"Where have you BEEN all my life?"

You ever think maybe Meredith Brooks spent a lot of time at dog runs before writing her One Big Hit?

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