Friday, March 21, 2008

Rocky Run Regulars: Charlie the 'Hoond', and Tigger too

We've known Charlie for some time now, and we can never see enough of him--he's just a great little hound mix, full of fun, and as Huck Finn said, after being surrounded by a pack of them, "There ain't no harm in a hound, nohow." And as Max might have added "Unless the consarned hound keeps stealing your ball."

We hadn't met Tigger before--in fact, I'd never met a dog named Tigger before--he's the only one.

You always want to take a minute with an unneutered male pit bull, to make sure everybody's going to be okay, particularly when there are other males in the run. But he was obviously a sweet boy, and only wanted to have some fun. No warning signs between him and Charlie. C'mon in, Tigger.

He didn't covet Max's ball--he's got two of his own.

He mainly just chased after Max excitedly (giving tongue in a high squeaky voice), as Max chased after his ball. Both of them had their tails high, and Max's ruff was up a bit, but Tigger seemed to know how to avoid getting too much into Max's personal space. Friendliness is important, but so's good etiquette--Tigger's owner told us he had regular playdates with other dogs, so he knows how to behave.

That is one heavy-duty canine restraint system--you could hold onto a REAL tigger with that. But who'd hold onto you?

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