Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rocky Run Regulars: Augusta! (and company)

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Hard to believe it's been less than a year since Augusta first came to the Rocky Run--I don't think it was actually in August, but close enough. And equally hard to believe I finally managed to get a few decent pictures of her, this past Thursday. She's normally a sort of darkish blur, tearing after the other dogs, getting into trouble, and being an exceptionally uncooperative photographic subject, even for a dog--but by holding one of Max's balls up in an alluring way, I managed to get her attention just long enough. And it was so worth the effort.

Mario Andrews rescued Paris--literally. She was tied up outside a building on his street--tied with a chain around her neck. It's not clear whether whoever did that wanted to keep her, but it's kind of beside the point, wouldn't you say? Here she is with a new friend.

Paris lives with Tula now--one of our favorite Shepherd Mixes, and a great maintainer of order at the run. She's relaxing a bit here.

Mooshu--I've had a lot of pictures of her lately, but that face just commands attention.

There's a lot of Cocker Spaniels in the neighborhood--this is the first one I've ever seen with a Mohawk. Her owner is into hairdressing, I was told.

Sophie, also being atypically stationary. But quite typically lovely.

We stayed a bit past dark, and Max made a new friend--Free Willie. Willie for short. Only 7 months old--his owner just got him from a shelter in New Jersey. Looking forward to seeing you in better light, Willie.

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