Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another lost dog--this one's a local

This notice was up at the Rocky Run today, and I've been seeing posters about Diamond elsewhere. Let's keep our eyes open, and hope this has a happier ending than Sally's story.

I'm going to try and update several times this coming week. There's a few tidbits of news about the run, and no shortage of photos, including some nice shots I got at the run today--now I just need to clear some time to upload them to the blog.

So watch this space. And watch out for Diamond--or any lost dog. Honestly, where do these dogs go? I never see dogs wandering around without people. Sometimes I see dogs in the park who arrive well in advance of their people, but those dogs aren't lost. They're just--precocious.

And let's all make sure that precocious doesn't turn into lost.

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