Sunday, October 28, 2007

Update on DogsInDanger--Eyemuttness News--Hannah becomes a TV Star

(Photo credit: Yolanda Garcia)

Alice Walton emailed me yesterday to say that she'd been asked to take Hannah to the Channel 7 studios this morning so that she could appear with Brenda Bush, a representative of DogsInDanger, to further publicize the group's efforts, and their recent adoption website launch. Normally a dog up for adoption would have been chosen, but no one from any nearby affiliated shelter could make it there in time. So Hannah, as a dog who had been adopted from a shelter (albeit some time before the DogsInDanger website went up), was picked to stand in for all her less fortunate brethren.

Hopefully this clip will stay on Channel 7's website. Just look under the sidebar, below where it says 'Weekend AM' for the little thumbnail of a dog's head, and the words "DOGS IN DANGER" next to it. Click on the thumbnail to play the video (you have to watch a commercial before you see it, of course).

Alice was surprised at how well Hannah behaved, even though her people were off in the green room, watching her on a video monitor. I'd be very surprised to hear that viewers weren't calling in trying to adopt Hannah, even though it was mentioned several times that she already had a family. She's definitely a natural at this spokescanine thing. Next thing you know--product endorsements!

I taped the segment this morning, and that's where the photos come from--kind of a crude method, pointing a digital camera at a TV screen, but it works.

It struck both myself and Yolanda that Hannah seemed to get a worried look on her face at the end, when it was mentioned that she herself could have been euthanized. We were almost certainly imagining it--even though it's hard to imagine any dog as friendly and appealing as Hannah could end up that way. But it happens every day, all over the country. Thanks for the reminder, Hannah.

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